Wedding: Aaron & Agnes

I love beautiful photos. I love taking beautiful photos of people. Even more than that, I love taking beautiful photos of friends. Recently I was given the opportunity to witness my friends’, Aaron & Agnes’, wedding. Prior to the wedding I met up with Aaron and Agnes to ask them about their wedding. I came…


Engagement: Aaron + Agnes

Saturday Feb 19th, 2010. 8 am: I roll out of bed and my feet hit the ground. The first thing I see is the snow coming down outside of my window. A big smile comes across my face because I was actually hoping for this. That day I was meeting up with Aaron and Agnes…


Learning to be happy with myself

You are great! You dreamed and dared to reach for that dream. You are talented and I’m SO proud of you. These are a few encouraging phrases that people have said to me over the years. I love my friends for these words of encouragement and while it helps boost my self confidence I sometimes…

Engagement, Christine Wong, Tam Nguyen, Toronto, Black & White, Union Station

Engagement: Christine & Tam – Toronto – Union Station

There is something to be said for having only a very loose engagement shoot plan. You can plan your shoot to death and there nothing is wrong with that as long as you remain flexible. If I was inflexible I wouldn’t have decided to run into Union Station with Christine and Tam in tow. I…


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